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Espiro Kappa

Espiro Kappa mugav turvatool kaalurühma 1 jaoks (9-18 kg), 2. rühm (15–25 kg) ja 3. rühm (22-36 kg)

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Turvalised maksed


Kohaletoimetamise aeg 1-7 tööpäeva


14-päevane tagastusõigus


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Toote kirjeldus inglise keeles:

  • comfortable seat for weight group 1 (9-18 kg), group 2 (15-25 kg), and group 3 (22-36 kg)
  • car seat approved according to the ECE R44/04 regulation, manufactured in a factory holding the ISO 9001 certificate
  • additional soft padding
  • the 5-position seat provides the optimal adjustment while traveling—comfort for the sleeping child, moves the center of gravity of the child's body back and prevents the head from falling during sleep
  • easy 10-level height-adjustable headrest with straps is the optimal protection for a child at every stage of development
  • double head protection thanks to additional energy-absorbing layers,  absorbing energy during a collision
  • detachable upholstery made of high quality fabrics
  • energy-absorbing foam and an additional soft padding for the seat
  • detachable upholstery made from the highest quality materials
  • 5-point safety harness with the Swedish Holmberg buckle and non-slip padding—the highest quality fastening system for your child
  • double shaft safety system – reduces movement of the car seat during a collision— improved performance in crash tests. Double protection—more stable car seat mounting (group 1)
  • double tension system—additional belt tension after mounting the car seat, significantly improves its stability (group 1)
  • the eco-leather is an additional protection against regular wear and tear
  • the additional fastening element makes it easier to put the child and remove the child from the seat